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More of Jacoline's small hotels in Greece

While it is a Greek habit to start wishing your friends a good winter from the first day of September, I revel in the warm and sunny days that we have throughout the year. Of course from the end of October we do also have chillier and cloudy days, and basically, if you travel in the autumn in Greece, it is wise to pack your swimwear as well as a raincoat and a nice warm scarf. You may be swimming in the morning, walking in the rain in the afternoon and sitting by the fireplace in the evening.

So you might as well pick a destination that has something to offer for all types of weather. This is actually the case for most of the country, but Mani is one of these areas standing out in this respect. This wildly beautiful ‘middle finger’ of the southern Peloponnese has protected bays great for late-season swims, gorgeous stone-tower hamlets, villages and small towns serving fresh fish throughout the year, some amazing caves, and of course, endless opportunities for walking. I recently spent a long weekend in Mani (wishing, as always, I'd had more time) and discovered some historical tower houses that have recently been converted into fantastic little hotels. All three are perfect for a (romantic) little autumn escape, and offer enough comfort for a longer stay, should you be so lucky...

Jacoline Vinke

Take a look at the three hotels Jacoline visited...

Petropoulakis Tower

To Pappoudiko


Thursday, November 19, 2009