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Ryanair In Greece

Dublin-based Ryanair announced on January 14 the opening of its third and fourth Greek hubs in Athens and Thessaloniki respectively. The hubs are part of an investment in GreeceRyanair. Ryanair will have two based aircraft in Athens park two and one in Thessaloniki, creating some 2,800 new jobs.

The company plans to begin six scheduled flights from Athens, flying to Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Chania, Paphos, London and Milan and carrying more than 1.2 million passengers annually, with more than 150 flights on a weekly basis. The Athens base will create approximately 1,200 new jobs.

The low-fares airline will also begin flights from Thessaloniki to Athens, Pisa and Warsaw, with 212 weekly flights carrying 1.6 million passengers. The Thessaloniki base expects to create over 1,600 jobs. Ryanair’s 6 new Athens routes and 3 new Thessaloniki routes will begin in April and tickets went on sale on yesterday.

Thursday, January 16, 2014