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Jaipur Palace - the Indian taste experience

The heart beats of Indian flavors in Jaipur Palace. Welcome to the Jaipur Palace, the Indian restaurant and a mecca for foodies in Athens. The first authentic Indian restaurant in Jaipur Palace opened in Maroussi. The great response from customers has resulted in and the next restaurant in Glyfada Jaipur to lure and this in turn to the rich world of colors, aromas and tastes in distant India. Enjoy an enchanting and exotic atmosphere in our restaurants in Maroussi and Glyfada, and you will be surrounded by exotic colors and shapes with sweet scents and music that would wander into the air. The glamorous world of old East comes alive

Swagtam (welcome) - Namaste (Enjoy your meal), sweet fragrance and authentic Indian cuisine.

The cuisine is rich with gastronomic specialties and regions of India, prepared daily by pundits Indian Chefs milling each seed and saute with butter, refined Indian to release all its flavor.

Sunday buffet with different cuisine every week. 15euro per child, 25euro per person The most famous dishes is the "tandoor" (pronounced "tandoori" and "tandoori"), a wave height of 1 m, made of clay, in which burns wood or charcoal.

The meat is cooked in the oven is accompanied by "Pillao" or bread like cake as "chapatti", the "Puri" in "Paratha" or "Nan", as well as sauces are based on yoghurt either spicy or with gentle taste of a dish that appeals to all customers.

Rooms Maroussi
Exotic atmosphere scattered the colors and scents of India, rich decoration. All the furniture from the wider Asian area and some of them adorned the palaces of maharajas.

The specially designed garden can fill epipleon130 visitors.
Self-catering rooms on each floor for a fast service that enables customers to monitor the manufacturing process of the dishes Show Kitchen.

The three multi-level rooms can accommodate 50 persons in each room.

Capacity persons
Interiors of all: 150
Garden: 130

Receptions & Catering
Conference halls and VIP, on the specific needs of our visitors is available in both our restaurants in Maroussi and Glyfada.

The Jaipur Palace is the perfect venue, catering and hospitality.

smaller and larger corporate events



Events or corporate presentations

For banquets's in your area, Catering is always ready to assist you in preparing the known authentic Indian dishes guaranteed by the Jaipur Palace.

Open daily from 13:00 - 24:00

Sept. May: Sunday buffet with different flavors each week at a cost 15euro children, 25euro person.
10% from noon to 14:00 in Jaipur Palace restaurants
Our places suitable for business lunches informal meetings.

JAIPUR Maroussi
73 Str. Constantine & Themis
tel: 210 8052 762

JAIPUR Glyfada
Menu from 12 euros - finger food for lunch
63str. Lazaraki Glyfada
tel.: 210 8945 366

Tuesday, September 14, 2010