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Do you have undeveloped land and want to utilize it? Have you decided to concentrate exclusively on working in agriculture and don't know how? was created to help guide you through the first steps, from cultivation to production, the placing and even standardization and export of your products. It's an online service, tailored to your needs. The process is simple, easy and quick. After selecting which service suits you, you will receive an email with a series of questions structured in such a way as to examine in details your exact needs and expectations. Your information helps us to embrace your idea, and assist in creating a framework that you want and within which you can move.
For this reason we need a soil sample from your plot of land so it that we can see exactly the specific needs of your land. Once you send the information, a large group of agronomists, economists and food scientists start working for you. They will analyze your data and come up with the best and most profitable solution. is the child of Lotus Business Consulting, a consulting company that has been dealing exclusively in the food industry since 2000. The company has taken on major projects in the public and private sector. The same team that works complex projects and large-scale studies, deal with your own CHORAFAKIA. The solutions we offer you is 100% tailored to your needs, structured with thorough scientific know-how, given to you always in a simple and practical way for your first steps.

Do you have a plot of land and don't know what to do? Start with
Thursday, July 25, 2013