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New - AthensTrainers

AthensTrainers is the only company in Greece which offers a complete range of wellness services. These include all types of personal training in all aspects of sports and fitness with up to date training methods anywhere the client desires. Our wide range of associates include in addition to personal trainers, physiotherapists, reflexologists, masseurs, dieticians, doctors, psychologists and other professionals as required.

We also offer a wide range of seminars in our system, such as "Ultimate Pilates of Greece", for the training of other gymnasts and instructors.

Anybody can sign up with our company from small children to pensioners.

We offer our services to Greeks & foreigners, therefore, our company has associates who are fluent in English language.

For further information of our company's services we invite you to visit our website at which will soon be available in a number of languages. We can offer to you group lessons, seminars or any other service you may need.

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Friday, May 14, 2010